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Compassionate Smiles Outpatient Program
Become A Participating Provider Today!

As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, we are fully dependent on dental volunteers like you! 

There is an oral health crisis in Northern Nevada, where over 75,000 uninsured and low income adults are suffering with dental needs that are treatable - they just don't have access to the appropriate resources. 

As a dental provider, you can help touch the hearts of those hurting by using your skills to bless them with healthy, new smiles. By treating just one patient of ours per year, you could help us change the lives of hundreds of Nevadan's on an annual basis. 

When you become a participating provider for the Compassionate Smiles Outpatient Program, we will bring the patient directly to your office so you and your trusted staff can take care of their pressing dental needs, providing them with compassionate smiles and a renewed hope for the future

*On average, each patient takes about 3 appointments to complete their care. Some may require more or less than this. 

*You can earn up to 6 Clinical CEU's from Compassion Dental by participating in our Outpatient Program.

Is there someone in your office who can speak Spanish and provide interpretation services, if needed?
Treatment Type Preferences

*i.e. Acute infection, sudden broken tooth, severe pain, etc.

If the patient needs to cancel their appointment, would you like us to fill the slot with a patient from our Cancellations list?
Would you be willing to treat more than one patient a year?
I agree to allow Compassion Dental to use names and photos taken in my office with the patient, myself, and/or my staff for social media and promotional purposes.

Thank you for impacting a life!

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