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How Compassion Dental Helped Juanita

Last Friday we sent out an email thanking our partners, donors, and volunteers for their contributions to Compassion Dental over the last eight years, and to let them know that we will be posting periodically to keep you informed as to how your sacrifices and caring efforts are literally “giving life” to those less fortunate in our communities.

This week, we wanted to start by letting those of you who faithfully continue to support us with your volunteer hours, monthly donations, and prayers that You’re Appreciated and You’re Amazing!

Also, to those whose passions were rekindled for the hurting and reached out this past week to recommit your time, prayers and donations, thank you.

As we mentioned last week and as seen in this video, your passion to partner with us, whether it be to volunteer, to pray or to donate, makes a healing difference in the lives of our patients who leave our clinic crying with tears of happiness, unashamed to see family and friends again and excited to be able to eat without pain.

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