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Compassion Dental Reopens

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Compassion Community Clinic Reopens with New Leadership Post- COVID as Compassion Dental

Media Release - Nov. 19, 2020

Compassion Community Clinic, a nonprofit 501(c)3 doing business as Compassion Dental, is Northern Nevada’s only free dental health care clinic for uninsured adults. Since 2013, Compassion Dental has delivered more than $800,000 in free dental care to more than 500 underserved adults who were suffering and deserving of compassionate love.

New executive director, JS Parker, is pleased to announce to the Northern Nevada community that Compassion Dental has reopened for the first time since the mandatory COVID-19 shutdown in early March. Its first patient dental session served two patients on Nov. 14, and the clinic is already planning for its second session on Saturday, Dec. 5.

Compassion Dental’s new director of operations, Taylor Brown. and new volunteer coordinator, Kathy Parker, have been busy contacting its 60 active patients and 50 volunteers, and preparing the clinic to be COVID compliant so its patient dental sessions are safe for all patients and volunteers moving forward.

There are more than 75,000 hurting and suffering adults in Northern Nevada who are in desperate need of dental health care services. Thanks to its new director of dentistry, Dr. Patrick France, along with the dedicated dentists, hygienists and dental assistant volunteers, Compassion Dental is able to continue providing its uninsured adult patients with free dental exams, x-rays, extractions, fillings, and cleanings.

Although the new name “Compassion Dental” is concise and to the point, and the new logo and tagline are creative and poignant, Parker said,

“What’s most important is that Compassion’s mission has not changed. Delivering compassionate free dental health care to the uninsured adult population of Northern Nevada is still the foundation of Compassion Dental’s Christian ministry, only made possible through the kindness of our committed professional, administrative and ministry volunteers and our selfless donors, partners and friends.”

Compassion Dental is solely dependent on charitable tax-deductible donations, so thanks to the many individuals, churches and organizations that have continued giving during the COVID-19 shutdown. The continued generosity of the Northern Nevada community has enabled Compassion Dental to schedule patient dental sessions in 2021, and the clinic is committed to expanding the number of patients served next year by doubling its yearly average.

There are tens of thousands of uninsured adults throughout the communities of Northern Nevada who work in our businesses, sit in our churches, have children in our schools and are our most beloved senior citizens, and all of them deserve the vital services Compassion Dental provides. If a passion has been stirred in your heart and you would like to help Compassion Dental through charitable giving or volunteering, please send donations through our website, mail them to our P.O. box, or call us at 775-358-8913.

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